Ben and Jonesy

Ben’s Story

Ben still has a lot of anger about the diagnosis, understandably so, and finds it difficult to say the word “diabetes”- Ben’s mother.

In April of 2014, Ben was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  For a child who has a fear of needles and hospitals, this was a very difficult diagnosis to receive.

The anxiety that Ben experienced when faced with adjusting to his new daily life with diabetes was overwhelming.  When Ben’s parents were first contacted by the Diabetes Clinic and introduced to Sweet Charity founder Lori Johnson, they felt hopeful that the unconditional love of a Diabetes Support Dog could be the key to combatting Ben’s mounting anxiety.

“We knew the emotional support an animal can provide is immeasurable and lasts a lifetime. I can still feel the emotions of our early visits as we talked about how Jonesy would be able to support Ben. It finally felt like there was hope of something really positive for him,” says Ben’s Mom.

Ben’s parents were speechless when they heard the news that the Ontario Trillium Foundation would provide Sweet Charity with the grant to pioneer the Diabetes Support Dog program in the summer of 2016.

Now, Jonesy is Ben’s constant reassuring companion, and the pair are truly Friends for Life.

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