Sweet Charity

Medical Assistance Dogs - Supporting Children And Youth In Need!

Sweet Charity

Supporting Children And Youth In Need!

Sweet Charity Medical Assistance Dogs, a Canadian Registered Charity (#82238 5035 RR0001) in Barrie Ontario, exists to train dogs to help children who need them. It’s that simple!

Diabetes Alert Dog Program

Our Diabetes Alert Dog program trains puppies as service dogs to match them with children and youth living with Type 1 diabetes with no hypoglycemic awareness. The dogs are professionally trained to recognize low blood sugars and alert the child or get help.

Personal Support Service DOG Program

Our Personal Support Service Dog Program trains dogs in order to help mitigate the impact of anxiety and stress related to chronic disease in children and youth. The dog acts as an emotional and therapeutic support system for the child or youth
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Canine Ambassador Program

In our Canine Ambassador Program (CAP), a team of a staff member and their pet dog is trained to promote well-being and positive mental health in the safety of a particular facility. Apply now for the 2019 sessions. Stay tuned for fall training dates.  

  • “Hi! My name is Jasmine but my human calls me ‘Jas’. I am only one but my birthday is coming up in February! I was rescued by my human when I was ten months old and she tells people that I am a “Northern Designer Dog”. When I arrived at my new home, I started taking obedience classes for 8 weeks. After I finished, I started my Sweet Charity Canine Ambassador training and I had just turn one! My human said I did such a good job and graduated, I'm not sure what that means but I think it means lots of pets and treats! My human always says I am a quick learner. I come with them to Georgian College and get to walk around the campus. Whenever I’m there, everyone is so happy and smiling at me! Everyone gets to pet me as I walk by them in the halls. One day, my human and I found a girl crying in the hallway, so I walked over to her and gave her kisses and let her pet me. This made her feel comfortable enough to talk to my human, who has her Mental Health First Aid and Safe Talk certification. I am really good at making people feel more relaxed, comforted, and safe around me.
When I put on my green vest, I know I am working and I do my best to support everyone I see at
Georgian College.”
  • Measuring and.comparing Stella's body parts with the JK/SK class. @sweetcharitydog @scdsb #sweetcharitydogs
  • Lenny has so much fun this evening at Innisdale high schools craft sale. He made a lot of new friends.
  • Lenny being loved at Muskoka Campus #sweetcharitydogs
  • Lenny at the Muskoka Campus #sweetcharitydogs
  • World Mental Health Day Orillia #sweetcharitydogs


Thank you to all of our amazing donors who help to make Sweet Charity possible. For a full list, please view our Dynomo Donors Page.

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